How to increase the size of the penis

A man's evolution, as well as his nationality, does not affect the size of the penis

In an effort to rid the world of the disasters associated with small penis syndrome, doctors have conducted a series of studies and academic papers. They gathered about twenty men from all over the world, including blacks, Asians, and measured their penises. As a result, the length of 90% of the subjects was in the range of 12-16 cm, and the lucky ones with an instrument greater than 20 cm made up 1%.

To get into this percentage, you need to think about methods to increase the phallus. We will tell you how to succeed on this difficult path and give a few modest recommendations.

Is it possible to change the parameters of the penis?

A member is a thin thing. Its size does not correlate in any way with all other body parameters such as the size of the nose, legs, hands, height, weight.It does not depend on nationality, race, but it can be successfully increased. Numerous special devices, techniques, proper nutrition and additional support work for this. Growth occurs in length and girth.

How the process of organ tissue correction proceeds

A targeted blow to the phallus leads to an increase in the mass of the penis. Spongy tissue is involved in the process, the shell (tunic) gradually stretches. As a result, it turns into a beautiful, very attractive object for women.

The correction is based on:

  • vascular techniques- training leads to swelling of the body, impact on blood vessels. Loads are determined based on the type of equipment, set goals. This group includes jelq, pump, clamp;
  • withdrawal techniques- give length extension. This is achieved by carrying ex, stretcher, manual stretching, suspension;
  • auxiliary effect on the organism- massages, herbal medicines, vitamins, gels, creams, baths.

Let's mention the radical surgical method. Its name is ligamentotomy. The operation is performed by everyone with a suitable state of health.

How to behave at home

Learn about best practices that work for growth. They are the ones that will make you scream with happiness after a few months of training.


jelqing technique for penis enlargement at home

This is the best manual technique. Jelq is dry and wet, which is characterized by the presence of lubrication. Training pumps a large amount of blood into the trunk. Controlled damage leads to an increase in thickness and length, or both effects together. After a few months of practice, you will achieve +0. 5 cm in length, +2-3 mm in girth.


Manual stretching will allow a man to increase the size of the penis in length

Another way to do it manually. This is an excellent base for growth, preparation for stretching muscles and ligaments. After manual training, it is easy to get the penis to progress with shock loads. The main increase is along the length. There are A, V, simple, reverse stretches, BTS. After six months of exercise, you will get a confident plus of 2 to 4 cm.

What tablets to use

Pharmaceuticals refers to auxiliary methods of augmentation. Support gives tone, quickly restores the body, increases blood flow. During puberty, more serious hormonal agents are at work.

Pay attention to herbal preparations that increase libido, endurance in coitus, degree of erection. Thanks to the complete blood supply, they visually enlarge the penis.

Tablets will help in case of various erotic hooliganisms. The main thing is to take the pill on time.

Exercises and massages at home

Massage perfectly stimulates blood circulation. It should be started as early as possible, while the tissues are elastic and the cells of the phallus are as ready as possible for regeneration.The set lasts about 30 minutes. The technique is friendly with other influence methods.

Additional exercises strongly stretch the corpora cavernosa, the diagonal fibers of the tunica. This gives high efficiency. It grows in length, head, girth. Pay attention to rope technique, impulse compression, sponge compression.

Herbs, decoctions and infusions based on them

Medicinal herbs will make penis enlargement exercises more effective

Herbs and medicines based on them work in the most natural way. They know how to remove the causes of impotence, improve training performance, increase endurance. Another important thing iseffect on metabolism and cholesterol. It is necessary for the proper production of testosterone.. The best herbs: epimedium, ginseng, Eurycoma longifolia.

Help soda

Ordinary soda can whiten things, teeth, remove stains and enlarge the penis. This superpower is based on improving blood circulation. It is enough to attract the white powder for baths or massage. The measure is temporary, but it will help in a spicy moment.

Extender or stretcher

Stretcher for stretching the length of the penis at home

Vacuum and mechanical extenders work on the principle of pulling rods. A compression-distraction device works exactly the same when stretching broken limbs. If the corpora cavernosa and tunica albuginea are stretched for a long time, this will stimulate tissue growth.Wear the device 6-8 hours a day.After a year of training, you will see a 30% increase in length compared to the original.

Vacuum stretchers are basically produced. This is a strong belt system that must be wrapped around the hips with a belt, fixing the fasteners on the head. By squeezing the length of the belt, you will achieve the desired stretching force. The direct analogue of the extender gives a plus in length.

The real impact of the pump

A vacuum pump will allow a man to grow his penis in length and width

Pumping is the best technique. It also works to prevent congestion, erectile dysfunction. Flasks for water and air strain the circulatory system of the trunk. Stretching involves the tunic and spongy body. As a result, there is constant growth on all fronts.

In terms of growth, air samples give the maximum result. Remember to choose the right size, otherwise you will have to be sad with disappointment.

Creams, gels and sprays

There are sprays that improve blood flow to the penis during exercise

This is an auxiliary mode. Gels, sprays and creams improve blood supply, provide complete warming, protect blood vessels, capillaries from blood clots and injuries. There are drugs that accelerate wound healing, stimulate metabolism, cell regeneration. All this works, butwithout training such support does not work.

The fastest and easiest way - nozzles

Different nozzles will help you temporarily increase the size of the penis

Toys - nozzles give an instant increase of 2 to 10 cm. In addition, they perfectly dilute the usual circle of sweet sensations. The models are different - realistic or fantasy, with stimulation of yourself, your partner, with or without vibration. However, this is a temporary measure that will only work during sex.

Reviews of men

Check out the reviews of the lucky ones who managed to pass this enchanting path.

  • "At an early age, I was very worried about my size, I was embarrassed to go where I could be naked. At first I tried special yoga techniques, wu-shu. In vain. A year later, I bought an ex. Strangely, my grandfatherled me to this. In the Soviet Union, he stood at the beginning of sexology and seriously, scientifically dealt with this issue.

    After a month of wearing, the process opens. In the third month, I added a pump, exercises and bought a cream to improve circulation. The other day I passed the half-year milestone. Result: safe growth in length +4. 1 cm, growth in girth +1. 3 cm.

  • "I looked sadly at my 12 cm to 25 years. As it was the anniversary, I started working on the result. I started, of course, with jelq. The guys from the forum helped to make a program for a young fighter. After 6 weeks, I started toI add a stretch, a hanger.

    I regularly use gels and creams. So far I have gained 2 cm in 4 months of penisbuilding. I don't plan to stop, I want to grow to 16 cm.


We warn you that there are no magic ways to increase penis size. All techniques, simulators require hard and systematic work. Be patient, start with beginner programs, gradually increase the load, you will grow day by day.