How to increase penis size

Penis size in men is a painful topic. If for some reason they perceive their "dignity" as too little (thin, sluggish - options are possible), then practically no one can convince them otherwise. At the same time, the size of the penis is not a parameter that can be achieved with any effort, such as plastering muscles acquired through exhausting exercises. The male sexual organ is the result of a combination of hereditary factors and how high testosterone levels were during intrauterine body formation. Still, men will not stop being interested at any moment, but is it possible to enlarge the penis?

Penis size as a cause for concern

Statistics, which are listened to by quite a small number of men with complexes regarding the size of the penis, show that the limits of normal penis sizes can be different. So the penis is different:

  • small (in the state of erection - from 9, 5 to 10-12 cm);
  • normal (12-14 cm);
  • large (more than 14 cm).

And although within these limits any size of penis is normal, in modern society almost none of the men are able to impartially assess their body. It is generally accepted that the greater the length and thickness of the penis, the greater the attraction of a man. There is an opinion that a large organ not only looks attractive and spectacular (which is visible even in clothes), but also gives women much more pleasure.

As for the opinion of doctors, they believe that penis enlargement can be recommended if its entire size is less than 9. 5 cm, which is a real problem for its "owner". In other cases, there is no need to increase, because it is impossible to "push" a parameter that corresponds to the individual structural characteristics of each person within the standards.

Theoretically: is penis enlargement necessary and possible?

When thinking about whether it is possible to enlarge the penis, as well as studying the methods for performing this action, a man must understand: the main procedures that allow you to increase the size of the penis cannot be reversed. Therefore, before you finally decide on such an event, it is worth consulting an andrologist or urologist, as well as a psychologist.

Statistics say unequivocally: even if penis enlargement is performed, in the vast majority of cases, men remain dissatisfied with the result. Obviously, the acquired centimeters of the penis do not affect the ability to communicate with women and provide them with physical pleasure. Moreover, acquiring a bigger and thicker penis requires considerable patience, a large margin of time, physical endurance, including those related to maintaining a healthy lifestyle. In principle, thanks to modern medicine, the penis can be enlarged, however, not every man has the desire and patience to give up, for example, any alcohol and smoking, so that the procedures performed would not cause too much damage to health.

If we talk directly about the activities that allow you to enlarge your penis, then they are conditionally divided into two categories: those where enlargement is really possible, and those that only promise the desired effect. The first include:

  • use of vacuum devices;
  • the use of devices that perform external stretching of tissues;
  • surgical intervention.

The use of so-called vacuum devices (pumps) is a non-surgical method, the meaning of which is "training" the tissues of the penis, gradually leading to their stretching. The pump is, in fact, the simplest mechanism: a cylinder that contains an organ that needs augmentation and a vacuum pump that regulates the pressure level in the cylinder. With the help of a pump, air is removed from the area around the penis, a dilute atmosphere is created which contributes to the flow of blood into the tissues of the male organ and stimulates their increase in size.

Extenders or devices for external stretching are means for regular, ideally daily training, thanks to which the length of the penis will increase by 1. 5-3 cm within 4-6 months without surgery. If you use penis extenders after the operation, the result will be even more noticeable.

Surgery is the most radical way to achieve several goals at once:

  • increase the thickness of the male genital organ;
  • increase the length of the penis;
  • perform a combined increase in the length and thickness of the penis;
  • correct organ deformities while correcting dimensions;
  • correct erectile dysfunction while correcting size.

All of the above is performed by surgery in the system of ligaments that fix the cavernous bodies of the penis to the area of the pubic joint. After the dissection of the so-calledof the supporting ligament one of the following options can be performed:

  • prosthesis implantation (previous transverse incisions of albuginea are performed);
  • implantation with extension;
  • separation operation (separation of cavernous bodies from each other and placement between their ends and the implant head);
  • microsurgical autotransplantation (wrapping the penis with fragments of implant tissue);
  • subcutaneous injection of a certain amount of the patient's own adipose tissue or lobules of the subcutaneous fat layer;
  • operation with longitudinal cuts of the tunic with the placement of inserts from one's own vein or other materials.

The results that doctors can achieve during penis enlargement surgery are 2. 5-3 cm in length. It is this increase that is considered not only the standard, but also the successful completion of the operation. As for the increase in thickness, the results depend on the patient's wishes and the surgeon's abilities, and the main condition is uniform thickening, while maintaining the contours of the body and without creating graft protrusions.

The second category of means to increase the size of the penis - all kinds of creams, ointments, tablets and folk remedies. Many men who think about such a need, but are afraid of surgery, search for information on the Internet, read reviews that in most cases contain lies. It is true that it is impossible to achieve penis lengthening in such ways. The maximum that these products are capable of (if they really contain useful components) is to strengthen and prolong the erection, which will not change the quantitative indicators of the penis, but will improve its "performance". And the fact that some ingredients of the product stimulate the blood flow to the genitals, which makes the erection look "improved" and more impressive, the effect is, although useful, but temporary.

How to enlarge a penis and whether it is real

chart of penis growth during penis enlargement

It is so arranged that man is not always satisfied with what he has. The girl, as the owner of magnificent forms, is constantly trying to lose weight - endless child, exhausting workouts.

Or he has curls, constantly uses an iron to straighten them. It is not only the representatives of the weaker half of society who are dissatisfied with their appearance. This also applies to men.

Perhaps the most common problem of the strong half of society is the small size of the penis. The second most common problem is potency. As you can see, these two topics are interrelated. Therefore, the question arises in the world of the World Wide Web: "How to increase the penis? " Occurs quite often.

There is a lot of information on the Internet, sometimes unreliable. This cannot be verified. Therefore, many people continue to rely on initially inaccurate information for the rest of their lives. And as a result, teenagers no longer seek advice from their older friends, they simply enter a question into a search engine and immediately find out what their ancestors could only guess at one point. And here many people fall into the trap of not so much untrue as exaggerated information.

Now more on normal penis size:

  1. If the size of the penis is eight centimeters long, then it is the so-called "micropenis". According to statistics, 1% of the representatives of the strong half of society are endowed with such dignity.
  2. The small member is an organ that reaches a length of 8-12 centimeters. Two percent of the planet's male population has such an organ.
  3. A 12 cm long penis is considered normal, 55% of men are endowed with this size.
  4. A penis larger than fifteen centimeters - above average.
  5. Representatives of the stronger half of society, whose genitals are 20 cm long, are the owners of an impressive penis.

If you are one of those who could not resist and measured your body, but in the end were dissatisfied with the result, here is more material for you about impressive sizes.

  • The bigger the penis, the more blood there should be. This is the only way to bring the body to the desired state.
  • Any, even mild ejaculation, can negatively affect an erection and, consequently, the quality of sex.
  • Organ formation is completed in about 18 years. After that, any change in its width or length is nothing but a visual illusion.
  • Penis shrinkage can be caused by being overweight. On average, every five pounds of excess "steals" an inch of the penis. Again, all changes are visual, in fact the organ remains unchanged.
  • The penis can really shrink (not the visual effect). And this is usually due to a decrease in androgen levels. Thus, for example, bodybuilders who use drugs that cause hormonal imbalances most often face such a problem as penis reduction, in general, and during erection.
  • Also, penis reduction can be the result of improper and unsuccessful operations to lengthen it. The mistake can be either low professionalism of the surgeon, or physiological characteristics.
measuring the penis after enlargement

Not everyone thinks about the depth of the vagina, but most people do not know about it, and when they have sexual intercourse for the first time, they know only one value. On average, the depth of the vagina is 10 cm. This indicates that the size of the penis, which is 15 centimeters, is quite enough for normal sex. The tissues of the vagina are elastic, allowing you to adjust to a certain length and width.

They allow you to give more and more pleasure to your partner every time. The constant change of sexual partners is not welcome, because it affects sensitivity and does not benefit the representatives of the weaker half of society. Of course, size matters. And that does not only refer to the length of the penis, but also to its thickness. But it is impossible to say exactly how people fit in without checking in practice. Also, remember that sex is an art of mutual understanding, not just breadth, length and depth.

It is possible to increase male dignity. Although sometimes it takes years to achieve positive results. Penis enlargement is a laborious and arduous process, but quite real. Today, there are a huge number of ways and techniques to enlarge the penis. Some of them are more efficient, others less so. In any case, the choice of method is up to you. The main thing is to get acquainted with all the details of the chosen method.

The penis can be enlarged with the help of surgical intervention, as well as folk remedies and special devices.

You can lengthen your body with the help of stretches, weights, hydraulic pumps, special exercises, medications and home remedies, especially soda. Help solve problems and cosmetics, including creams. The main thing, before applying this or that technique, is to get acquainted with its technique. This is necessary to prevent mechanical injuries and the development of complications.

Penis enlargement at home: popular methods

male bare breasts and penis enlargement

There are many methods and techniques that contribute to penis enlargement. Many of them can be easily applied at home. It is not necessary to resort to medical care at all, especially the help of a plastic surgeon.

In addition, penis enlargement at home will cost exactly as much as the device with which you will perform the procedure. The cost of surgical methods is very high. One of the most common penis lengthening techniques is yelking. The reviews about her are extremely positive. Many who used this method managed to achieve what they wanted. To make it clearer, jelqing refers to a set of exercises, the implementation of which has a beneficial effect on the penis. Special exercises contribute to the pronounced enlargement of the penis and the enlargement of the head. This technique has absorbed the skills of manual penis lengthening, which people have accumulated over the millennia.

The use of jelqing contributes to:

  • stimulation of blood circulation;
  • increased pressure inside the body;
  • growth of cavernous fibers;
  • formation of new cells in volume.

Cell growth is a completely natural and natural process. The technique only helps to initiate and stimulate it. In addition, jelqing contributes to a significant increase in sexual activity and endurance. There are different yelking techniques. They differ only in details. Principle one - "milking". The main movement is firmly grasping the fingers of the penis at the base and moving the hand forward towards the head. The member, which stretches, is filled with blood.

To successfully complete the exercises you need to buy a cream or spray. This will help you achieve results faster. Certain techniques do not require lubrication. Keep this in mind when choosing a technique. Do not skimp on lubricant, otherwise you will rub your penis. In addition, such savings are fraught with tissue rupture and the inability to engage in yelking in the next fifteen days.

You should also not replace specially designed products with soap, shampoo or other formulations. This is filled with discomfort and injury. Penis enlargement with this technique is possible only if the organ is in a semi-excited state. Performing exercises when you are fully aroused is fraught with damage to blood vessels and organ tissues.

measuring the penis before enlargement

Technique 1. After applying the lubricant, wrap your arm around the penis and slide it several times along the shaft, holding the squeezed hand on your head for a few seconds.

This is the first phase - preparation. If you don't need it, you can move on to the next step - exercise.

Grasp the penis at the base with your thumb. Gently pull the organ down. Do this two hundred times. Of course, it will be difficult at first, so when you are overexcited, it is better to stop the exercise. As soon as the penis reaches the required level of arousal, you can continue. The full course lasts three months. The first week you do it every day for ten minutes (this is usually ten minutes), the second - 300 (15 minutes). Do this exercise for twenty minutes.

Technique 2. After lubricating the organ, wrap your arm around its base and pull it down and to the right. Then do the exercise on the other side. Initially, do the exercise slowly. Do 50 movements to the right and the same to the left per day. Increase the number of exercises every day - up to 200.

Technique 3. In this case, perform the exercises from the first and second techniques without lubrication.

Technique 4. This is essentially Technique 1, but the exercise is performed very slowly. After applying the lubricant, grab the penis at the base with your fingers and slowly start doing head exercises. The head will swell and bleed. Lock the position for ten seconds. The duration of the exercise is ten minutes.

All exercises according to the mode of action are divided into extension and thickening. They are performed either with the help of hands, or mechanical devices or loads.

Exercises are stretching, vascular and auxiliary:

  1. We increase potency
    • Stand up straight, straighten your back. Raise your knees alternately towards your abdomen.
    • Relax and tighten the muscles of the buttocks and perineum (standing on half-bent legs).
    • Lie on the floor. Raise your pelvis.
  2. Increasing the length of the penis
    • Forced erection or "Kegel". Smear the penis with cream. Grasp the penis with your fingers and perform translational vertical movements.
    • Stretching. Stretch the relaxed member very slowly (fifteen seconds). Do the exercise ten times.
  3. We increase the width of the penis. This includes exercises from the Jelqing technique, as well as compression and bending exercises.

How to enlarge the penis with an extender, weights, massage and pump

You can increase the penis, its diameter, thickness, length not only with the help of various devices, but also with the help of massage. Independent manual technique contributes not only to the prolongation of organs, but also to the increase of sexual activity and endurance. In addition, massage has a beneficial effect on erection, as well as on its duration.

Before I tell you how to enlarge the penis with a massage, I would like to tell you about the basic rules for its application:

  1. Prepare before the massage. For this purpose, the use of warm compresses is advised. Soak a small towel in warm water, drain it and wrap it around the organ. The compresses are changed every three minutes (three times).
  2. Massage should be done daily.
  3. Combine massage with the use of tablets (dietary supplements or homeopathic remedies that promote penis enlargement).
  4. Do not massage if you are under the influence of alcohol.

Technique 1. Grasp the head of the organ with your hand, squeeze it. Compression must not interfere with blood circulation. Pull your head toward the floor. After a minute you can increase the stretching force.

Technique 2. Squeeze the head first with two fingers and then with the whole hand. Do everything carefully, do not rush. Pull the member towards the floor for a minute. Then, rest, release the penis. Then repeat. Do the exercise twenty times.

Technique 3. Grasp the penis with your index finger and thumb. Squeeze the organ and move from its base to the head. Stop from time to time.

How to increase penis weights

measuring the penis during enlargement using a banana as an example

This technique is old but effective. It has been used and is still used in some African tribes. The essence of the technique is suspension and attaching the load to the penis. Prolonged stretching effect contributes to the increase of the penis both in length and width.

Cargo should be easy to use and small in size. It is also important to have as many weighting tools as possible. In this case, it will be possible to calculate the load and increase it over time.

Before continuing the procedure, massage or apply a compress. Then install the weight lock system behind the head and install the weight itself. Start with a light weight. Lack of preparation is fraught with injury. The load should be gradually increased. You can hang the tensioner in any position.

Don't let the blood stagnate in your head. From time to time, remove the weight and fixing device and massage. Extender, stretcher, expander, stretcher - all these devices belong to the same family of devices that help increase the length and width of the organs, as well as correct the curvature of the axis of the penis.

The principle of operation of all such devices is the same and consists of daily (at least five hours), long-term (at least three months), small (500-200 grams) effect of stretching on the penis. As a result, the body responds to external influences by forming new cells in the load area.

The design of the device is somewhat different, but the essence of the mechanism is the same - the penis is fixed with clamps that give tension to the meat. Another way to affect the size of the man is a vacuum pump.

The principle of operation of such a tool is to create a vacuum environment in the pump, where the male sexual organ is actually located, due to which the blood flow into it increases and increases in size. However, judging by the reviews of men who have experienced a similar method, we can conclude that pumping has a positive effect, but it is not so significant and it is temporary.

How to enlarge the penis in other ways

a woman surprised by a male enlarged penis

Today, there are a large number of different medicines on the market in the form of creams, gels, ointments, sprays, which tell how to use them to increase the penis to unimaginable sizes. However, in practice, not everything is so rosy, of course, there are those who really have a positive effect, but there are more means of dubious nature, which can leave not only an unpleasant taste due to deceived hopes, but also affect men's health.

Therefore, before resorting to such methods, you should consult an expert in this field and find out really how to enlarge the penis without any side effects. Another way to enlarge the penis is surgery. Modern surgery and microsurgery for the correction of the penis is based on transplanting tissues from other parts of the body.

Thus, masculinity can increase in diameter by 1-2 cm. If you want to achieve a more significant result, transplantation of muscle tissue is recommended, but this method is much more complicated. The time of surgery and the time of postoperative recovery takes much longer than in the first case, this should be taken into account when deciding on such a step.

As you can see, there are many ways and techniques that help and talk about how to enlarge the penis. If you are seriously considering increasing your dignity, all you need to do is choose the most appropriate technique for yourself. In addition, other methods can be used, for example, condom nozzles, drug injections.

Enlarge the penis by ten centimeters is unlikely to succeed. But here you will be able to raise self-esteem, eliminate complexes. By enlarging your organs, you will be able to embody all your sexual desires, give a woman maximum pleasure. In addition, massage and exercise are useful for the functioning of the penis. You will not have to use potency pills with regular use.